Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies, Online Archive 2010-18

The Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies is published on-line twice per annum (spring and autumn).  All back issues are freely accessible on our website (see below). For our 2018 issues, go to Current Bulletin page.

Back issues:

Issue 1.1 (2010)

Issue 1.2 (2010)

Issue 2.1 (2011)

Issue 2.2 (2011)

Issue 3.1 (2012)

Issue 3.2 (2012)

Issue 4.1 (2013)

Issue 4.2 (2013)

Issue 5.1 (2014)

Issue 5.2 (2014)

Issue 6.1 (2015)

Issue 6.2 (2015)

Issue 7.1 (2016)

Issue 7.2 (2016)

Issue 8.1 (2017)

Issue 8.2 (2017)

Issue 9.1 (2018)

Contributions on any topic related to Francophone Postcolonial Studies are invited for inclusion in future issues. Authors should submit electronically two copies of their article, 4,000 words maximum, in English or French to a member of the editorial team. Articles should conform in presentation to the guidelines in the MHRA Stylebook, providing references in footnotes, rather than the author-date system. All articles submitted to the BFPS will be refereed by two scholars of international reputation, drawn from the advisory and editorial boards. To facilitate the anonymity of the refereeing process, authors are asked that their manuscript (other than the title page) contains no clue as to their identity. Book reviews (between 600 and 1000 words in length) and conference reports (500 words max.) should also be sent to the editorial team.

The deadline for the receipt of articles to be included in the spring issue is 31 January; the deadline for the autumn issue is 31 August.

Editorial Team
Sarah Arens
E-mail: sa245@st-andrews.ac.uk
Book Reviews:
Khalid Lyamlahy
E-mail: khalid.lyamlahy@st-annes.ox.ac.uk

Advisory Board
Charlotte Baker
Patrick Crowley
Charles Forsdick
Pierre-Philippe Fraiture
Kate Marsh
Nicki Hitchcott
David Murphy
Andy Stafford