Executive Committee

SFPS Executive 2021-22

(elected at AGM on 12 Nov 2021)


Currently vacant (new President to be confirmed at the next AGM, November 2023)

Vice President

Charlotte Baker (c.baker@lancaster.ac.uk)

Treasurer/Acting President:

Claire Griffiths (c.griffiths@chester.ac.uk)

Membership Secretary:

Sky Herington (sky.herington@warwick.ac.uk)

Conference Secretaries:

Christopher Hogarth (christopher.hogarth@unisa.edu.au)

Publicity Officers:

Fraser McQueen (Fraser.McQueen@bristol.ac.uk)

Hadley Galbraith (galbrait@grinnell.edu)

BFPS Editor:

Sarah Arens (s.arens@liverpool.ac.uk)

BFPS Book Reviews Editor:

Jemima Paine (Jemima.Paine@liverpool.ac.uk)

Postgraduate Representatives:

Catherine MacKenzie (clhm@st-andrews.ac.uk)