Annual Conference 2009

Francophone Postcolonial Studies: Past, Present and Future

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 November 2009

Institut Français du Royaume-Uni
17 Queensberry Place

A conference to mark the twentieth anniversary of the launch of ASCALF



Friday, 20 November 2009

9.30-10.30 Registration

10.30-10:45 Opening Remarks – David Murphy

10:45-12:15 Panel 1: Institutional Histories (Chair: David Murphy)

‘From Protée noir to The Other Hybrid Archipelago: A Review of Critical Approaches to Francophone Literatures’

Peter Hawkins (University of Bristol)

‘Notes on Black French Studies à l’américaine’

Edwin Hill, Jr (University of Southern California)

‘Francophone Postcolonial Studies in France: Lost between Film Studies and Information Communication Studies’

Patricia Caille (Université de Strasbourg)

12.15-2.00 Lunch/AGM

2.00-3.30             Panel 2: Parallel Sessions

Panel 2a: Towards more Complex Postcolonial Histories (Salon) (Chair: Aurélie L’Hostis)

‘Beyond the Binary: Triangulating Colonial Discourse in French-Language Travel Narratives of India’

Nicki Frith (University of Liverpool)

‘Champlain’s Canadian Dream: Cultural Compromises in Les Voyages de la Nouvelle France (1632)

Ursula Haskins Gonthier (University of Birmingham)

‘Francophone Postcolonial Studies and Imperial/Colonial History: The Merits of Cross-Fertilization’

Berny Sèbe (University of Birmingham)


Panel 2b: Regional/World Literature(s) (Petite Salle) (Chair: Charles Forsdick)

‘“Poetics of Relation” in Theories, in Practices’

Kaiama L. Glover (Barnard College, Columbia University)

‘Francophone African Literature: Regional or “World Literature”?’

Sophie Tanniou (University of Birmingham)

‘Un Drame Linguistique: Arabic? Berber? Or Maghrebized French?’

Abdelkader Cheref (Azad University, Dubai)

3.30-4.00            Coffee

4.00-5.00            Panel 3: Parallel Sessions

Panel 3a: Postcolonial Translation (Salon) (Chair: Claire Bisdorff)

‘Translating Changes in Postcolonial Poetry and Prose: The Rewriting of Francophone Senegalese Women’s Literature in English’

Georgina Collins (University of Warwick)

‘Anglophone-Francophone, Caribbean-Mauritian Dialogues: The Boundary-Crossing Potential of “Postcolonial Translation”’

Julia Waters (University of Reading)

Panel 3b: Writing Chaos/Trauma (Petite Salle) (Chair: Louise Hardwick)

‘Order out of Chaos: Manifestations and Monotheism in Assia Djebar’s La Disparition de la langue française and in George Perec’s La Disparition

Sura Qadiri (Newnham College, University of Cambridge)

‘Possessed by the Past: A Dialogue between Trauma Theory and Antillean Writing’

Aurélie L’Hostis (King’s College, University of Cambridge)

5:15-6:00            Keynote Speaker (Chair: Peter Hawkins)

Title TBA, Alec Hargreaves (Florida State University)
6:15-7:30             Vin d’Honneur

8:00                        Dinner

Saturday, 21 November 2009

10-11:00            Panel 4: Postcolonial Studies and the Visual (Chair: Pat Crowley)

‘Francophone Postcolonial Studies and the “Visual Turn”’

Siobhán Shilton (University of Bristol)

‘Narratives of Diaspora: Visual Representations in Three Contemporary Artists of North African Background’

Marie-Christine Press (University of Westminster)

11-11:15            Coffee/Tea

11:15-12:45            Panel 5: Immigration/Exoticism (Chair: Charlotte Baker)

‘Rachid O.’s Childhood Allegory: A Complex Response to André Gide’s Sexual Tourism in North Africa’

Luis Navarro-Ayala (UCLA)

‘Penser l’exotisme dans les littératures postcoloniales’

Maria Garcia (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

‘Migrating Knowledges: An Invitation to Strategic Developments of Francophone Postcolonial Studies’

Heidi Bojsen (Roskilde University, Denmark)

12.45-2.00            Lunch

2-2:45                        Keynote Speaker (Chair: Charles Forsdick)

Title TBA, Jane Hiddleston (Exeter College, University of Oxford)

2.45-3.00            Tea/Coffee

3-4:30                        Panel 6: What Postcolonial Theory Doesn’t Say (Chair: Pat Corcoran) 

‘From Event to (In)fidelity: The Problem of the Political in Francophone Postcolonial Studies’

Nick Nesbitt (University of Aberdeen)

‘Dealing with Popular Culture’

Lydie Moudileno (University of Pennsylvania)

‘Francophone Postcolonial Studies and the Problematic Object of “Nature”’

Richard Watts (University of Washington)

4:30-5:30            Round Table: The Past, Present and Future of SFPS (Chair:David Murphy)

Charlotte Baker (Lancaster), Pat Corcoran (Roehampton), Charles Forsdick (Liverpool) and Dominic Thomas (UCLA)

5:30                         End of Conference