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Special Issue of Romance Studies: July 2017

5th December 2017

Francophone Postcolonial Studies in the 21st Century

Journal of Romance Studies, Volume 17, Issue 2 (July 2017) 

Published in association with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London

The Journal of Romance Studies (JRS) promotes innovative critical work in the areas of linguistics, literature, performing and visual arts, media, material culture, intellectual and cultural history, critical and cultural theory, psychoanalysis, gender studies, social sciences and anthropology. One themed issue and two open issues are published each year. The primary focus is on those parts of the world that speak, or have spoken, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, but work on other cultures is also included. Articles published in the journal cross national and disciplinary boundaries in order to stimulate new ways of thinking about cultural history and practice.

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Introduction: Francophone postcolonial studies in the twenty-first century

Charlotte Baker, Catherine Gilbert


‘More than Just a Genocide Country’: Recuperating Rwanda in the writings of Scholastique Mukasonga

Nicki Hitchcott


From the island to Paris and back, with a detour via the world, or: What does the francophone Mauritian novel of the twenty-first century look like?

Markus Arnold


Postcolonial mobilities and the islanding of identities in the works of Salim Hatubou: The case of Mayotte and the Comoros in the Indian Ocean

Silvia U. Baage


Art and politics in contemporary French Caribbean theatre: The (re)presentation of Guadeloupe’s 2009 general strike in Gerty Dambury’s Les Atlantiques amers and Des doutes et des errances

Vanessa Lee


-Z-: Flamingos, francophonie, and the arts of urban dissent in Tunisia

Rania Said


Contemporary Algerian francophone fiction, trauma, and the ‘war of memories’

Amar Guendouzi


Medicine, Literature and Culture in the Early Modern Hispanic World: (University of St Andrews/IMLR, July 2017)

Ted L. L. Bergman and María Luisa Lobato


Language, Communities and Moving Borders: Theories and Methodologies: (IMLR/Birkbeck, University of London, June 2017)

Catherine Davies


Showcasing Research Excellence: The Journal of Romance Studies Inaugural Annual Symposium: (IMLR, June 2017)

Catherine Davies


Transnational Memory, Translation and Adaptation: (Cardiff University/IMLR, May 2017)

Charlotte Walmsley


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