Annual Conference 2015

Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies
In association with Liverpool University Press

Postcolonial Mobilities in the Francophone World

Friday 13 & Saturday 14 November 2015

Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London,
Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Keynote speakers: Mireille Rosello and Kate Averis



Friday 13 November 2015


9.30-10.15           Registration, Coffee/Tea


10.15-10.30         Welcome Address (Court Room): Nicki Hitchcott (SFPS Vice-President)


10.30-12.00         Panel 1: Parallel Sessions


Panel 1a: (Re)constructing Collective Histories (Court Room)

    Chair: Jeanne Garane (University of South Carolina)


Kate Hodgson (University of Liverpool), ‘Conciliate and Pacify’: Border-Crossing as a Physical and Textual Strategy of Reunification in Nineteenth Century Haiti’


Anneka Haddix (UCLA), ‘Retracing the Past in Le Village de l’Allemand ou le journal des frères Schiller


Justin Izzo (Brown University), ‘Reading Benjamin in Djibouti: Abdourahman Waberi and the Theater of History’ 


Panel 1b: Creative Mobilities (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Edward Still (University of Oxford)


Natalia Bremner (Edinburgh Napier University/IMLR), ‘Reggae, Dancehall and CNARM: Youth Mobilities in Postcolonial Réunion’


Anne Mueller (UCLA), ‘Musical Mobility: Censorship and “Sanctionship” in Post-Genocide Rwanda’


Katie Tidmarsh (Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7), ‘Moziki Littéraire: Diffusion, Resistance and Memory on the Internet’



12.00-2.00       Lunch/AGM (Court Room)


2.00-3.30         Panel 2: Parallel Sessions


Panel 2a: (Im)mobile Bodies (Court Room)

    Chair: Gabrielle Parker (Middlesex University)


Jeanne Garane (University of South Carolina), ‘Freedom of Movement: The Magical Body in Mahamat Saleh Haroun’s Grigris’


Linda Brindeau (Dickinson College), ‘La fluidité des identités sexuelles dans l’œuvre de Kettly Mars’


Adler Camilus (Université Paris 8), ‘Les frontières de la race, frontière de la domination et mobilité transfrontalière des corps’


Panel 2b: North African Mobilities (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Gillian Glaes (University of Montana-Missoula)


Aliénor Cadiot (EHESS-Paris), ‘Mobilités coloniales en temps de guerre entre l’Afrique du Nord francophone et la métropole’


Jamal Bahmad (University of Leeds), ‘Decentering Fortress Europe: Clandestine Migration in Maghrebi Cinema’


Khalid Lyamlahy (University of Oxford), ‘Poetics of mobility in Mohamed Khaïr-Eddine’s Légende et vie d’Agoun’chich


3.30-4.00         Coffee/Tea


4.00-5.00         Panel 3: Parallel Sessions


Panel 3a: Fixity and Movement in the Caribbean (Court Room)

    Chair: Kate Hodgson (University of Liverpool)


Nick Nesbitt (Princeton University), ‘The Moving Contradiction: Caribbean Work, Caribbean Labor’


Shanaaz Mohammed (Florida State University), ‘(Im)mobile Identities: Re-Constructing the Métisse through East Indian Identity in Arlette Minatchy-Bogat’s La Métisse Caribéenne


Panel 3b: Rethinking French-Algerian Relations (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Sarah Arens (University of Edinburgh)


Giulia Fabbiano (EHESS-Paris), ‘Postcolonial Mobility from France to Algeria: Narratives of Past, Practices of Present’


Rebekah Vince (University of Warwick), ‘Rethinking Linguistic Relation: Arabic and French in Leila Sebbar’s Autobiographical Works’



5.00-6.00         Plenary Session: Kate Averis (ULIP)

                            Chair: Nicki Hitchcott (University of Nottingham)

‘Rethinking Mobilities in/through Francophone Women’s Writing’



6.00-7.00         Vin d’Honneur


Saturday 14 November 2015



10.00-11.00     Panel 4: Parallel Sessions


Panel 4a: Movement and Stasis (Court Room)

    Chair: Maeve McCusker (Queen’s University Belfast)


Claire Launchbury (IMLR/IHR, University of London), ‘Liban sur rail: Postcolonial Mobility, Trains, Hope and Borders’


Esther Liu (Cardiff University), ‘Indigenous Missionary Movement and the Desire for Stasis’


Panel 4b: Gendered Spaces (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Jamal Bahmad (University of Leeds)


Edward Still (University of Oxford), ‘Feminine/Masculine Spaces in the œuvre of Mohammed Dib: Broken Frontiers?’


Madonna Kalousian (Lancaster University), ‘Rituals of Exclusion in L’Armée du Salut (2006): Abdellah Taïa, the Flirting Flâneur, and the Queer Urban Migrant’



11.00-11.30     Coffee/Tea



11.30-1.00       Panel 5: Parallel Sessions


Panel 5a: Immigration and Belonging (Court Room)

    Chair: Julia Waters (University of Reading)


Gillian Glaes (University of Montana-Missoula), ‘Constructing Citizenships: African Immigration, Transnational Migration, and the Politics of Post-Colonial Belonging’


Antonia Wimbush (University of Birmingham), ‘Women’s Immigration to France: A Caribbean Case Study of Pineau and Ega’


Sarah Arens (University of Edinburgh), ‘Postcolonial (Im)mobilities: Brussels in Contemporary Black Belgian Writing’


Panel 5b: Mobility and the Diaspora (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Claire Launchbury (IMLR/IHR, University of London)


Katharina Fritsch (University of Vienna), ‘Mobilizing ‘Comorian diaspora’ in Marseilles – Twarab and Marseilles’ biopolitics of communitarization


Sheila Petty (University of Regina), ‘Relational Histories in African Cinema’


Clément Cayla-Giraudeau (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), ‘Politics from Abroad: the Case of the Senegalese and Djiboutian Diasporas’



1.00-2.00         Lunch



2.00-3.30         Panel 6: Parallel Sessions


Panel 6a: (Beyond) the Limits of the Nation (Court Room)

    Chair: Antonia Wimbush (University of Birmingham)


Julia Waters (University of Reading), ‘Mobile Belonging: Migration and Nation in Amal Sewtohul’s Histoire d’Ashok et d’autres personnages de moindre importance (2001) and Made in Mauritius (2012)’


Beatrice Ivey (University of Leeds), ‘Mobile Memories of Algerian and Indian decolonisation in Hélène Cixous’s L’Indiade ou l’Inde de leurs rêves’ 


Zoë Roth (Durham University), ‘The Jewish Avant-Garde: Transnational Modernisms, 1916-1945’


Panel 6b: Rethinking Mobilities (Torrington Room)

    Chair: Sara-Louise Cooper (University of Oxford)


Sam Coombes (University of Edinburgh), ‘Mobility-related Concepts in the Theoretical Writings of Edouard Glissant and their possible applications’


Jennifer Boum Make (University of Pittsburgh), ‘Penser au-delà du binarisme: Étude des potentiels de la créolisation glissantienne dans Aux États-Unis d’Afrique d’Abdourahman Waberi’



3.30-4.00         Coffee/Tea



4.00-5.00        Dorothy Blair Memorial Lecture, Professor Mireille Rosello (University of Amsterdam)

Chair: Charlotte Baker (SFPS President, Lancaster University)

                         ‘Mobilities and Mobilizations: Creating Routes in the Postcolonial City of Intouchables



5.00                 Close of Conference