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SFPS Annual Conference 2019 Programme: Postcolonial Realms of Memory in the Francophone World

2nd October 2019

Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies

                                                            In association with Liverpool University Press


Postcolonial Realms of Memory in the Francophone World


Friday 15–Saturday 16 November 2019


Programme here (PDFPDF):


Friday 15th November: St Giles Hotel, Bedford Avenue, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3GH

Saturday 16th November: University of Westminster Cavendish Site, 101 New Cavendish Street, Fitzrovia, London WIW 6XH


Confirmed keynote speakers: Etienne Achille (Villanova University) and Catherine Gilbert (Ghent University)

Friday 15 November 2019


9.00-9.45              Registration, Coffee/Tea


9.45-10.00          Welcome Address: Jonathan Lewis and Antonia Wimbush, Conference Secretaries (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)


10.00-12.00        Panel 1: Parallel Sessions


Panel 1a: Postcolonial Memory in Visual Culture, Kate Hodgson, University College Cork (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)

Véronique Bragard, (Université catholique de Louvain) ‘Beyond the Colonial Archive: Reappropriation and Conflictual Readings of Alice Seeley Harris’s Photographs’

Michelle Bumatay (Florida State University), ‘Comics and Commemoration: African Soldiers in World Wars’

Heidi E. Kraus (Hope College) ‘History and Memory: Public Art and Contemporary French Identity’

Sura Quadiri (University of Cambridge), ‘How Not to Draw Conclusions: Kader Attia’s Postcolonial Art as ‘non-lieu de mémoire’?


Panel 1b: Memory, Education and Schooling, Nick Harrison, King’s College London (Meeting Room 1)

Ruth Bush (University of Bristol), ‘African Campus Novels: Student Life, Débrouillardise, and the Temporality of Memory’

Bacary Sarr (Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar), ‘Représentations de la mémoire de Cheikh Anta Diop dans l’imaginaire des étudiants du campus de Dakar: entre productions artistiques et conscience culturelle’

Sara Mechkarini (University of Birmingham), ‘The Absences/Presence of the Algerian War in French History Textbooks’

Erin Twohig (Georgetown University), ‘Sites of Memory: The Post-colonial Classroom’


Panel 1c: Problematizing Nora’s Lieux de mémoire, Joe Ford, IMLR (Meeting Room 2)

Chabha Ben Ali Amer (Lancaster University), ‘Individual and collective memory: The Invention of (Mi)Lieux de mémoire in the Œuvres of Nora Hamdi (La Maquisarde) and Anouar Rahmani (La Ville des Ombres Blanches)’

Neil Doshi (University of Pittsburgh), ‘Desert Archives: Memory and Francophone Algerian Culture’

John Gleeson (Dublin City University), ‘Lieux du roman noir: reading the crime fiction of Didier Daeninckx through the lens of Pierre Nora’s Lieux de mémoire’

Andrew McGregor (University of Melbourne), ‘Remembering the Unforgettable: Representations of Postcolonial Memory in Tony Gatlif’s Exils (2004)’


12.00-1.30          Lunch (Restaurant)/AGM (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)


1.30-3.00            Panel 2: Parallel Sessions


Panel 2a: (Post)Colonial Memory in the French Caribbean, Antonia Wimbush, University of Bath (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)

Rachel Douglas (University of Glasgow), ‘Sites and Symbols of Memory Associated with CLR James’

Kate Hodgson (University College Cork), ‘“Je ne connais qu’une France”: Revolution and (Post-)Colonial Memory in the Nineteenth Century’

Thabette Ouali (Faculté des sciences humaines et sociales de Tunis), ‘Le soldat inconnu du Bataillon créole


Panel 2b: Memories of the Maghreb, Elizabeth Marcus, University of Leeds (Meeting Room 1)

Fiona Barclay (University of Stirling), ‘Fraternity in French Algeria: (post-)colonial conceptions of republican citizenry’

Susan Ireland (Grinnell College), ‘Memorializing the Camp de Rivesaltes’

Joanne Brueton (University of London in Paris), “Je n’ai qu’une langue, ce n’est pas la mienne”. Ventriloquising French Authors in Contemporary Moroccan Writing’

Panel 2c: Remembering and Forgetting, Andrew McGregor, University of Melbourne, Meeting Room 2

Edmund Birch (University of Cambridge), ‘Alexandre Dumas père Remembered (and Forgotten)’

Renato Rodriguez-Lefebvre and Miriam Sbih (l’Université de Montréal), ‘L’oubli blanc : du refoulé postcolonial en Nord Amérique’

Julia Waters (University of Reading), ‘Lieux de mémoire, lieux d’oubli: Memorialising Loss in Contemporary Representations of Mauritius’s Colonial Architecture’


3.00-3.30            Coffee/Tea


3.30-5.00            Panel 3: Parallel Sessions


Panel 3a: Memories of Trauma, Julia Waters, University of Reading (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)

Nicki Hitchcott (University of St Andrews), ‘Appropriate(d) Remembrance: ‘Prosthetic Memories’ of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda’

Sheila Petty (University of Regina) ‘History, Memory, and Trauma in Post-Civil War Algerian Documentary Films’

Miriam Hernández Reyna (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), ‘Ethnocide et mémoire indigène : nommer la violence coloniale, remémorer l’identité, France-Mexique, 1968-1987’


Panel 3b: Memories of Postcolonial West Africa, Rachel Douglas, University of Glasgow (Meeting Room 1)

El hadji Camara (Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor, Sénégal), ‘Anti-fiction et question(s) mémorielle(s) chez Boubacar Boris Diop’

Roxanna Curto (University of Iowa), ‘Wrestling as Memory in Aminata Sow Fall’s L’Appel des arènes

Alexandra Reza (University of Oxford), ‘Memories of the “Golden Days” in 1960s Conakry’


Panel 3c: Individual and Collective Memories, Jonathan Lewis, University of Bangor (Meeting Room 2)

Silvia U. Baage (McDaniel College), ‘The Indian Ocean as a Realm of Memory: Michaël Ferrier’s Mémoires d’outre-mer’

Hannah Grayson (University of Stirling), ‘Bat an Eye: Writing Ruin in the Wake of Ebola’

Rebecca Rosenberg (King’s College London), ‘Excavating Lives: Digital Correspondence as Networks of Memory in Linda Lê’s Héroïnes (2017)’


5.00-6.00            Dorothy Blair Memorial Lecture, Catherine Gilbert (Ghent University), ‘Voyage mémoriel: Re-locating memory in the Rwandan diaspora’, Charlotte Baker, University of Lancaster (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)


7.00                       Conference dinner, Tas Bloomsbury (at own expense)





Saturday 16 November 2019


9.00-10.30          Panel 4: Parallel Sessions


Panel 4a: Transnational Memories, Hannah Grayson, University of Stirling (C1.03)

Beatrice Ivey (University of Stirling), ‘Ahmed Kalouaz, Childhood, and Colonial Memory in Écriture Jeunesse

Rebekah Vince (Durham University), ‘Comme un drap de lin qui se déplierait sur les années’: Writing as Spinning and Weaving in Colette Fellous’s Aujourd’hui


Panel 4b:  National Identity and Citizenship, Jonathan Ervine, University of Bangor (C1.04)

Mrinmoyee Bhattacharya (Florida State University), ‘Sites of Memory and Citizenship in the Republic’

H Adlai Murdoch (Tufts University), ‘(Im)migration and Integration: BUMIDOM and the Tensions of Today’s France’

Ellen Weaver (King’s College London), ‘Representations of the BUMIDOM: Reembodied Histories in the Bande Dessinée, Péyi an nou by Jessica Oublié and Marie-Ange Rousseau’


Panel 4c: Uncovering Traces of History, Nicki Hitchcott, University of St Andrews (C1.15-16)

Maeve McCusker (Queen’s University Belfast), ‘Cast in stone? Siting and Unsettling White Creole Memory’

Fraser McQueen (University of Stirling), ‘Memories of Empire in France’s Literary Grands Remplacements

Janice Spleth (West Virginia University), ‘Challenging French Memorials to Victims of the Slave Trade: Léonora Miano’s Les Aubes écarlates


10.30-11.00         Coffee/Tea (C1.15-16)



11.00-1.00          Panel 5: Parallel Sessions


Panel 5a: Memorializing Asia and the Pacific, Beatrice Ivey, University of Stirling (C1.03)

Natalie Edwards (University of Adelaide), ‘Multilingual Memory in the Work of Chantal Spitz’

Christopher Hogarth (University of South Australia), ‘French Colonial Rhetoric and Rhetoric on Colonialism in an Australasian Setting’

John Sannaee (Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint Denis), ‘Lieux de la mémoire intime: The Power of Everyday Sites of Memory in Kim Lefèvre’s Autobiographical Work’


Panel 5b: Humour and Memory, Fiona Barclay, University of Stirling (C1.04)

Adi S. Bharat, University of Manchester, ‘Humour, Memory, and Jewish-Muslim Relations in France’

Jonathan Ervine (Bangor University), ‘Comedy, Memory and Otherness: The Case of Frédéric Chau’

Elizabeth M. Perego (Shepherd University), ‘“Dark Decade” Humor Drawing in the “White” of Algeria’s History (1991-2002)’

Sandra Rousseau (Carlton College), ‘Comic Memory: France and Algeria in Dilem’s Cartoons (1993-2019)’


Panel 5c: Museums and Monuments, Ruth Bush, University of Bristol (C1.15-16)

Jennifer Boum Make (Georgetown University), ‘Décryptage de l’Exposition “Le Modèle Noir,” ou interroger la chosification des corps noirs par le biais de l’anonymat’

Renée Gosson (Bucknell University), ‘Decolonizing Museographies: The Role of Art(ist)s in the Scenography of Slavery at the Musée d’histoire de Nantes and Mémorial ACTe (Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe)’

Kathryn Kleppinger (The George Washington University), ‘Jean Contrucci’s Nouveaux Mystères de Marseille series: Reinscribing Marseille’s (Colonial) History Through the Fait Divers

Rebecca Temkin (University of California, Los Angeles), ‘Francophone Topics in Restitution: Inalienable Objects, Ownership, and African Cultural Heritage’


1.00-2.00            Lunch (C1.15-16)


ECR Session: Kate Hodgson: ‘Beyond the PhD: Conceptualizing and funding your next project’ (C1.03)








2.00-3.30             Panel 6: Parallel Sessions


Panel 6a: Gendered and Sexualized Memories, Rebekah Vince, University of Durham (C1.03)

Mary Anne Lewis Cusato (Ohio Wesleyan University), ‘The Djamila Phenomenon: Two Female Algerian Revolutionaries and Global Memory’

Edwige Crucifix (Brown University), ‘(Hi)story Telling: Remembering the Kahina in Female Colonial Literature’

Noran Mohamed (Northwestern University), ‘Re-membering Oneself – Corporeality and Memory in Maghrebi Literature’


Panel 6b: Literature, Drama, and Memory, H Adlai Murdoch, Tufts University (C1.04)

Sky Herington (University of Warwick), ‘The Revenant Body as Site of Memory in Sony Labou Tansi’s Theatre’

Marion Labourey (Sorbonne Université), ‘Combler l’absence, lutter contre l’oubli: de la mémoire individuelle à la construction de la mémoire collective chez Maryse Condé, Gisèle Pineau, et Patrick Chamoiseau’

Barry Nevin (TU Dublin), ‘Gender, Empire and Memory in Jacques Feyder’s Le Grand Jeu (1934)’


Panel 6c: Retelling Algerian History, Chris Hogarth, University of South Australia (C1.15-16)

Abdelbaqi Ghorab (Lancaster University), ‘Narration as an Act of Forgetting in Kamel Daoud’s Meursault Contre-Enquête

Honorine Rouiller (Florida State University), ‘Algeria, Testimony, and National Memory in Bertrand Tavernier’s Une guerre sans nom


3.30-4.00            Coffee/Tea & Film screening & Q&A: Catherine Gallouët (Hobart and William Smith Colleges), ‘Memories of Indochine’ (C1.15-16)


4.00-5.00             Kate Marsh Memorial Lecture, Etienne Achille (Villanova University), ‘Unlocking the Colonial, Remapping France’s Pasts: Postcolonial Realms of Memory’, Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool, C1.03


5.00                      Close of Conference



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